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RHEINZINK is a high-grade zinc alloy with a purity level of almost 100 %. A natural material that satisfies even the most stringent ecological requirements. Ecological standards are already observed when extracting and processing the raw material: RHEINZINK is the “light” version among metals used for construction thanks to minimum CO2 emissions and very low energy consumption during manufacturing.


RHEINZINK is the world’s leading manufacturer of titanium zinc “Made in Germany” and your premium partner for roof, façade and roof drainage.

RHEINZINK – The world’s No. 1 in titanium zinc

Are you searching for high-quality products for a special longevity of your construction project? With RHEINZINK as a service partner, you benefit from our extensive experience and our know-how as well as a range of proven product lines, innovative technology and an appealing design – so you can turn each project into a unique and recognizable constructed masterpiece.

Only RHEINZINK has a special pre-weathering process in which, for example, the surface “prePATINA blue-grey” already corresponds to the color of the natural patina, ex works – without coating, painting or phosphating

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