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Buildings boasting copper – a perfect, high-value solution with great design freedom for the architect.

The metal copper consists of 100% pure Cu-DHP. When first applied, the glare-free, glittering surface oxidises in the atmosphere within a short time to form a brown top coat. The typical green patina then only emerges after a few years of free weathering.

The natural development of copper patina is one of copper’s unique characteristics. Within a few days of exposure to the atmosphere, the surface of Nordic Standard copper begins to oxidize, changing its color from the “bright” mill finish to a chestnut brown which gradually darkens over several years to a chocolate brown. Continued weathering can then result in development of the distinctive green patina – or blue in coastal locations. The patina film provides impressive protection against corrosion and can repair itself if damaged, defining the exceptional longevity of copper cladding.

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Nordic Copper is the product range for architectural applications, e.g. facades and roofs, made by Aurubis. The unrivaled range of factory-applied surface treatments provides copper and brass with various stages of oxidation and patination immediately.

Nordic Copper stands for individual architectural solutions, a long life cycle for buildings and a responsible legacy for future generations.

Nordic Copper – The world´s finest copper solutions.

Traditional Techniques

Traditionally, copper has been used as a lightweight, fully supported covering for roofs, walls and other building elements. Here, sheets of copper are joint using double lock standing seams (or angle seams for vertical cladding) visually defining the copper bays, interrupted by cross-welt joints running longitudinally. A more modern interpretation of fully-supported, standing seam technology is Long Strip. In this case, copper trays are prefabricated with profiles and installed in long lengths – perhaps 10 m or more – eliminating cross-welts and creating a strong linear appearance. Long Strip is an efficient and cost-effective method where mechanization can be maximized both for pre-fabrication and jointing on site. Aurubis copper can be supplied in cut-to-size sheets or in coils to suit any system. In particular, Aurubis is unique in its ability to supply any of its Nordic Copper in coils for Long Strip.

Nordic Décor

Nordic Décor is an extensive product range by Aurubis, combining Nordic Copper with grindings and pattern embossings.

Nordic Décor combines the range of pre-oxidised and pre-patinated copper with various mechanical surface treatments, e.g. grindings and pattern embossings.

The material can be shaped, edged, milled, lasered, cut and bent.

New freedom of design.

The product range offers new freedom of design.

Nordic Décor can be used for different applications – indoors, e.g. in hotels for bars and counters, wall design, elevator cladding and ceilings, and in external design as an eye-catcher and for facades.

As a design element for roofing, it shines as a maintenance-free, storm- and rain-resistant building surface.

Individual design

In addition to the large number of Nordic Décor products, the type and intensity of the grinding and pattern embossing can be developed individually.

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